Dave Eringa


Record producer with over 22 years of experience producing & mixing international hits for the likes of Manic Street Preachers (with whom he has over a 20 year association spanning 10 albums & includes producing & mixing both their number 1 singles), Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey (current #3 album Going Back Home), Idlewild (4 albums & many hit singles), Ash, Kylie Minogue, Tom Jones, Ocean Colour Scene, Suede, Gyroscope (with whom he had a Australian #1 album), BB Brunes (mixed French top 10 album in 2013), 3 Colours Red, South & many many others.

His career began at Powerplant studios working for legendary producer Robin Millar & he went on to produce his first top 10 album by the age of 21 (the Manics "Gold Against The Soul"). Since then he has never been too far from the charts & continues to enjoy new musical challenges - the diversity of recent  projects have taken him from the psychedelic afro pop of Beaty Heart to the hard edged R&B of Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey.

Dave Eringa Producer / A&R Studio 1