Charlie Simpson - Walking With The San

  April 21, 2016

Back in Busted and Charlie Simpson is on tour again with the lads. When the call came it was an offer Charlie couldn’t refuse. Enjoying life on the road, the screaming fans, the glare of the lights, the band camaraderie it’s all going to go off! And to celebrate it all Charlie will be releasing an album for his fans to coincide with the Busted’s UK arena tour in May.

In a relatively short, but extremely high profile career, Pop Punk band Busted sold over five million albums in two years and won two Brit Awards. Simpsons departure from the band in 2005 to join Fightstar, saw their demise. The band continued their respective successful careers in various incarnations with Charlie enjoying critical acclaim for both his a solo career that has seen two top ten albums to date and the Kerrang award winning band Fighstar, which helped Charlie impress an increasingly diverse fan base with a vast departure from the Busted sound!

As a solo artist Charlie released his debut EP on Xmas day 2010. Championed by Fearne Cotton the record went straight into the charts at number 6 and Charlie’s career as a respected musician was born. Both subsequent albums went into the top 10 with his last release holding position at number 1 in the indie album charts. Charlie’s forthcoming solo album ‘Little Hands’ is a compilation of rare tracks written by Charlie between 2010 & 2016. A collective of personal musings and secret joys, that include; the beautifully uplifting ‘Walking In The San’, written and performed with the San Bushmen for the award winning UKTV documentary ‘Singing In The Rainforest’ and a much loved, stripped down version of ‘Emily’ originally written at the time his former band mates merged with McFly. At this point Charlie’s writing and performance style could not have been further from Busted. Charlie says of his solo career: ‘Being able to do what I wanted to do was a great experience, it felt so free to be able to just sit in my room on my own with a piano and guitar and write some songs’. Two years on and as such an established credible artist in his own right, it’s easy for Charlie to celebrate his past and join Busted again to relive those heady sell out stadium days and take the fans who have grown with him on a trip down nostalgia lane. But will this be the last solo work we hear from Charlie for sometime? 

With the release of ‘Little Hands’ an album in Charlie’s signature esoteric & harmonious indie style fans will be able to plug in their headphones and travel home to his hauntingly smooth vocals at the end of an action packed high energy Busted tour performance! It just couldn’t get any better!