Liv Austen - Don't Regret A Single One

  January 26, 2018

Norwegian born singer-songwriter Liv Austen storms into 2018 with an uplifting new country-pop single "Don’t Regret A Single One".

Liv explains “the song is an anthem for anyone who’s made mistakes in love, and learnt from them. It’s about how heartache makes you stronger and that relationships, both successful and unsuccessful, make us who we are”. Liv also tackles sexist assumptions by talking positively about having had several relationships, something that is still unfortunately seen more commonly as accepted behaviour for men. Liv’s rich lead vocal has the same dynamic power of that of Carrie Underwood. This combined with Liv’s undeniably catchy melodies and lyrical charm enables her to create something both infectious and inspiring.

The turning point for Liv came when, aged seventeen, a singing teacher forced her to confront her stage fright and perform in front of her peers. Since then, she has released two EPs independently and has already received support from the likes of BBC Radio 2’s Paul Sexton. Her previous single The Next Time recently received critical acclaim from the likes of Think Country, Pop Dust and Lyric Magazine to name but a few. The single also hit Chris Country's A list for in excess of 12 weeks, with Liv being the only UK artist on the list.

2018 is shaping up the be an exciting year for Liv Austen and her heartfelt blend of country-pop.