Paul Hardcastle - 19 - The Full Story

  June 19, 2015

Paul recently spoke to The Mirror about fame, his friendship with Thin Lizzy's Phil Lynott, and more importantly 19... The full story. 

"Paul also credits wife Dolores, who he met just before he created 19 and teamed up with Fuller, for keeping him out of harm’s way.

“They would never have let me spiral into that world,” he says. “I got married the same 19 hit the top spot. Dolores was 19 herself but she wasn’t interested in going to any of the showbiz parties.

“It was great getting limos and I flew to the States on Concorde. I performed at the Montreal Pop Festival after Queen and Genesis, so I was hanging backstage with Freddie Mercury and Phil Collins. But the party lifestyle wasn’t for me.”

And Fuller, he says, really cared for him – as a client and a friend.

Paul Hardcastle with Simon Fuller

        Record king: Fuller helped Paul make 19 a smash hit


“He says my record is the greatest thing that happened to him,” smiles Paul. “But we both made each other. He had the brains, he said 19 could be a hit and he left his job for me. We are 50/50.”

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Paul Hardcastle - 19 (The 30th Anniversary Mixes) is out NOW! 

This album is the final ever collection of the seminal 80's hit "19" featuring 14 different remixes and versions of the Ivor Novello award winning track. All proceeds go to the PTSD charity, Talking2Minds, as Paul believed this final outing should be for a good cause. 

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